Dessert wine – the most underrated wines

With Christmas just around the corner we are thinking about wine as well as food! In Catalunya a lot of time is spent around the table over the festive period, long lunches with great conversation among family and friends. The wines are as important as the food. When we’ve warmed up with Cava then enjoyed some great wines with the main so comes dessert. As you might have read in our previous post Torrons are a traditional sweet finish to a meal that we look forward to. We also love a glass of dessert wine. Dessert wine is often overlooked or underrated, usually because people know less about them. They are an absolute indulgence, a luxury, a wine to sip and savour, fabulous on their own or bringing to life a range of desserts or cheeses. (cheese is a whole different subject!).

At La Cuina, we take our dessert wines as seriously as the rest of the wines we import. We are lucky to work with craft producers who make very small quantities, usually by hand, of stunning dessert wines. Our selection from left to right in a sentence:

Panses – Deep , rich, oaked White Grenache – usually 500 bottles a year only!

Vi de Panses – Subtle, delicate, nutty, Red Grenache, 2,340 numbered bottles a year.

Bac de les Ginestres – Orange and almond aroma, sophisticated, lovely nutty jammy flavours. Red Grenache, 978 numbered bottles a year

Sinols – Lovely orangy muscat for the white and a more fruity sweet style Red Grenache.

Rasim (White) – One of our favourites, so delicate, interesting, with both fruit and nut flavours. 100% handmade, 860 bottles per year.

Rasim (Red) – Brilliant with cheese, sweet but not cloying, rich Red Grenache. 100% handmade, 960 bottles per year.

If you would like to initiate yourself in the wonderful world of dessert wines, drop into the cuina and try a glass. They are perfect for Christmas!