Cava – find your style

Cava, not only is it incredibly versatile, it can be enjoyed alone or with a wide range of dishes, it is thoroughly pleasurable. Cava is very much a part of Catalan culture, its heritage dates back to 1872 when the first bottle was made. Josep Raventos returned from the Champagne region of France and asked himself why Spain was not making such a delightful wine. It was an ideal opportunity to embark on what was to be, a Catalan legend.

Cava is exactly the same as Champagne, it is made using the Traditional Method. This method creates a natural delicate sparkle by initiating a second fermentation of the wine in the same bottle. The major difference is that the grapes used for Cava are different from those used for Champagne. We absolutely love supporting micro wineries who produce amazing Cava. It is such a shame to see so many mediocre Cavas on British supermarket shelves when there is a world of sparkling excellence just waiting to be discovered.

In Catalunya, Cava (pronounced “Ka-va” not “Car-ver”) isn’t drunk just for celebrations, it’s often the start, the middle, and the end (!) of an evening. This is because it is so versatile, a young Cava is perfect for nibbles, a more mature one perfect for the main course, and of course there are dessert Cavas for the desserts.

A great way to get more enjoyment from Cava is to find out which style you prefer, then try this style from a range of different Cava producers. By style we mean how dry or how sweet a Cava is. Style is measured by how much sugar is added. The sugar added isn’t in granular form, it’s in grape must form or a sweetened version of the base wine. Cava is one of the wines with clear helpful labelling, if you can understand the following styles you will gradually work out which is to your taste:


Brut Nature: 0-3 g. per litre (no added sugar per say, the sugar is in the residual grape sugar)
Extra Brut: Up to 6 g. of sugar per litre
Brut: Up to 12 g.
Extra Dry: between 12 and 17 g
Dry: between 17 and 32 g.
Semi Dry: between 32 and 50 g
Sweet: over 50 g

You don’t need to remember all of the above, the majority are Brut Nature (the driest) and Brut.

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy Cava, it is so refreshing and delicious. At La Cuina we have a selection of 10 for you to choose from. Each one is honest, so carefully made with minimal chemical intervention. Stop by for a glass!

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