L’Olivera winery, whom we are representatives in the UK in partnership with Vivino Wines, is an NGO which for 40 years has been working with people with mental disabilities, producing wines of exemplary quality. It’s a social project that we are extremely keen to support in our business. Most of their wines are organic and use very low sulphites

Celler Carles Andreu is a family run vineyard that goes back to the 18th century and produces fine cava and wines.

Celler d’Encastell also represents this passing from generation to generation in the extremely beautiful hills of Priorat, where the current owners left their professional jobs to take the reins of their family traditions.

Solergibert, from Bages, an area already mentioned by the Romans and according to some owing its name to the wine loving god Bacchus, also originates in the 18th century. They are all small wineries. Xavier from Julia Bernet Cavas in High Penedes is another young and passionate wine maker, extremely proud of his low sulphite cavas and wines. At the other extreme of Catalunya, 5 km from the French border David, from Vinyes dels Aspres, works a land also steeped in history. This area shares some similarities with Priorat in terms of the similar slate soil -licorella – and the cultivation of garnatxa and carinyena grapes.


Olicatessen, one of our organic extra virgin olive oils has won Best Olive Oil in Spain Award several times, and comes from Els Torms mill. The producer, Venanci, is an expert olive oil taster and is recovering abandoned varieties with rich properties but low yields.

Gardeny Wine Vinegars is also a small family business, with proprietor Judit Badia producing diverse and high quality vinegars with the German Schutzenbach method.

La Rovira is a traditional farm in the heart of Catalunya with a closed cycle of organic production: breeding the animals and growing their feed, producing the sausages and cured meats and selling them directly to independent shops and through their Michelin Star restaurant, all within the same holding.

All our cheeses come from artisan producers in the foothills of the Pyrenees: Les Roques, La Bauma and Racallber.

There is knowledge, there is care and there is sublime quality.