Kitchen Perfume

The people who enrich La Cuina are our producers. They are at the very heart of everything we do and everything we make, from serving a glass of wine to creating a selection of Tapas. Their presence is felt among our customers and La Cuina team. We import as much as we can from Catalunya supporting micro businesses who proudly produce great products.

One product we use a lot of, and that may seem unimportant, but isn’t, is vinegar. A great vinegar can bring a dish alive! We work with a fantastic 108 year old micro producer called Badia Vinagres. Five generations of the Badia family have helped develop their beautiful range of vinegars. If you visit them they will tell you that vinegar runs through their veins! They make a delicious range of red, white and balsamic vinegars. The reds are made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, sherry and Vermouth. The whites from Riesling, Moscatel, Chardonnay and even Cava! The balsamics are richly flavoured and utterly delicious. We use the Moscatel balsamic in our rabbit dish, it gives it a lovely depth of flavour as well as a mouthwatering aroma. As you can imagine, in making these vinegars the selection of grapes is absolutely key to producing a great product. Badia really focus on quality and hand select all their grapes.

What makes them so original is their production method; they still use a 200 year old production method and have not bowed to industrial production. Industrial production means a large quantity made quickly, like winemaking, if you rush it all the subtlety is lost as are the layers of flavour and aroma. Badia use the Schützenbach method, named after a German scientist in 1823. This method is a long gentle extraction of aromas and flavours from the base wine. It takes place in a cylinder with three layers, the wine slowly seeps though each layer turning to acetic acid and collecting as vinegar at the bottom, then it is returned to the top. It’s 5 times slower than industrial methods but the richness of the final product is incomparable! Badia call these rich vinegars Kitchen Perfume. That is certainly the case at La Cuina.


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