This is our extensive list of Catalan wines. Every week we select four different wines to be served by the glass. A chance to know and try our range.



    • Oriol Negre 2014 – Vinya dels Aspres – Empordà – garnatxa, carinyena,cabernet sauvignon, merlot                               

    An unoaked cuvée with ripe red fruit aromas, herbal notes and dry apricot. Clear cut acidity in the mouth, freshness and good texture, with final touch of liquorice.

    • Toc 2014 – Solergibert – Pla de Bages– 85% merlot   15% cabernet sauvignon

    A blend of Merlot and Cabernet grapes, this is a smooth, young wine, with intense aroma of ripe fruits. aged in the barrel for 12 months. Toc means ‘touch’ of wood.

    • Primers Vins Negres 2013- L’Olivera– garnatxa, syrah, cabernet sauvignon, monastrell

    Medium bodied, flavoursome grenache blend with appealing forest fruit and cherry aromas. Subtle tannins, smooth on the palate with black and red cherry flavours, good structure. Unoaked.

    • Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2009 Solergibert – Pla de Bages,  cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc & merlot

    A fruity aroma with balsamic,  caramel and honey tones. Ripe tannins, and well structured. In the mouth a taste of dark chocolate, gentle spices and ripe fruits. Smooth & complex. Aged 12 months in French & American oak

    • Merlot Reserva 2007 – Solergibert – Pla de Bages,   merlot

    Ruby colour with blue reflections. A smooth and soft fruity Merlot with red fruit notes & vanilla. Very well rounded, silky and with a soft touch of light chocolate and smoke.Oaked for 12 months.

    • Negre de Cos 2014 – Júlia Bernet – Penedès  – cabernet sauvignon & merlot

    A full bodied, deep red wine. Corpulent and persistent wine with very nice tannin. Leather flavours accompanied by toasted notes, aged in French and American oak for 12 months.

    • Naltres 2013 – L’Olivera–Costers del Segre – cabernet sauvignon 80%, garnatxa 10%, trepat, touriga nacional

    Very smooth, full bodied and full flavoured wine. Aromas of red fruit, red peppers and a touch of cinnamon. On the palate rich red fruit flavours. Long ending and balanced acidity. Naltres is a low sulphite wine, made with minimal chemical intervention. Pending organic certification. Naltres is a local name for “us all”, and the label carries the signature of everyone who participates in L’Olivera’s social project.

    • Rosa La Guapa 2014 – Mas de la Caçadora – Montsant – Carinyena, garnatxa & merlot

    Well rounded wine with a good body. Clean and bright, with a cherry colour. Sweet smell of ripe black fruit and a touch of mineral. Aged for 10 months in French oak barrels, this wine is the result of working with old vines to bring back a tradition, and it comes with a legend…

    •  Trepat 2013 – Carles Andreu – Conca de Barberà– trepat          

    A unique wine with a distinct personality which comes from the ancient trepat indigenous vines of Conca de Barberà. Smooth, unctuous, long and persistent wine, with a taste of jammy fruit and a slight touch of liquorice & cinnamon. An elegant finish with a slight acidity. Aged 6 months in French oak barrels.

    • Chateldon Reserva 2008 Pinord- Penedès cabernet sauvignon     

    This Cabernet Sauvignon offers blackcurrants, plums and prunes, with some vanilla from the oak ageing and hints of herbs and coffee. Intense Bordeaux characteristic flavours with delicate oak and a long finish. A very well made wine.

    • Negre dels Aspres 2012 – Vinya dels Aspres- Empordà– cabernet sauvignon, carinyena, garnatxa negre

    This is a stylish, spicy, sun-kissed wine with subtle oak and notes of incense and dried herbs, intense black cherry colour with aroma of ripe fruit and woody herbs, and base notes of white pepper, cinnamon, liquorice and oak charcoal. In the mouth balsamic notes, star anise, cocoa and menthol. Well integrated acidity and balance.

    • Marge 2013 – Celler d’Encastell – Priorat – 60% garnatxa, 40% carinyena, merlot & cabernet sauvignon

    Round, rich, dense and deep, this wine delivers an enticing nose of liquorice, minerality, lavender, Incense & black cherry.  Layered on the palate, it has slightly smoky coffee-tinged aromas of blackcurrants, cocoa, fig and anise. Aged for 8 months in French & American oak. Marge is the name for the narrow stripped terraces of schist (licorella – brown slate) typical of the extraordinary Priorat area.

    • Conxita Gran Reserva 2002 – Solergibert – Pla de Bages-  merlot

    A classic merlot wine aged for  24 months in American oak. An aromatic oak, rich and structured, with tobacco, ripe fruits, fluid and silky and with strength. A very well rounded wine. Commemorating the 50th wedding anniversary of Enric & Conxita, whose family has been working the vines since 1730.

    • Enric Gran Reserva 2002 – Solergibert – Pla de Bages -cabernet sauvignon & cabernet franc  

    Deep cherry colour with a powerful nose. Aromas of fruit preserve, toasty, sweet spices and fine reductive notes. On the palate it is flavourful, spicy and with a smoky aftertaste. Aged in oak for 24 months. A very limited production with the best grapes from their Matacans vineyard. This wine also  commemorates the 50th wedding anniversary of Enric & Conxita

    • S’Alou 2011– Vinyes dels Aspres –Empordà – cabernet sauvignon, syrah, garnatxa negra & carinyena

    Perfumed with violets and liquorice on the nose. Ripe plums, with nuances of lemon, thyme, green asparagus, vanilla oak, subtle spice, raw hazelnut and slightly moistened slate. Elegant in mouth with firm texture, fair acidity and well integrated tannins. Subtle mineral background. Sourced from the oldest vineyard with granite soil and high altitude giving it a freshness and minerality. S’Alou is an ancient term that means patch of land free of taxation.

    • Roquers de Porrera 2012 – Celler d’Encastell – Priorat – carinyena, garnatxa, syrah & merlot

    Deep intense blackberry colour. Black cherry fruit on the nose complimented by aromas of broken stone, white pepper, fresh flowers and herbs, a unique bouquet that is distinctively Priorat. On the palate this wine is filled with ripe black fruit, meaty notes, minerals, spice, with big tannins but smooth around the edges – a real mouthful. Aged for 16 months  in brand new fine-grained French oak. Silky-textured, elegant and a powerful expression of Priorat.

    • Roquers de Samsó 2012 – Celler d’Encastell – Priorat samsó (carinyena)

    From 70-100 year old vines. Very intense nose, elegant & with aromas of ripe fruit and white flowers. A spectacle in the mouth: balanced, elegant, direct, subtle, intense & ample, with a lot of ripe fruit, plum, dry figs, blackberries and ripe cherries. The oak is very integrated and gives light toasted notes, sweet spices and something of oriental spices, chocolate & coffee. Creamy and with a velvety touch with liquorice and very long and mineral ending. Production: only 400 bottles per year.


    • Blanc de Serè 2014– L’Olivera  Conca de Barberà –macabeu, parellada & chardonnay

    A young, fresh, flinty-dry wine with distant hints of honey

    • Oriol dels Aspres 2013 – Vinya dels Aspres – Empordà– garnatxa roja (grenache gris)

    A soft yellow-coloured young wine. Silky and fresh on the palate. Good acidity and easy drinking.

    • Pic 2014 Solergibert – Pla de Bages – picapoll

    Monovarietal dry, light, refreshing and invigorating wine. The nose is fruity and floral, with very subtle hints of lime. In the mouth it’s lively and fresh with well balanced acidity.

    • Blanc de Roure 2013- L’Olivera – Costers del Segre – macabeu & parellada

    An organic dry, fresh delicate wine with a light touch of oak. Dried fruits & vanilla flavours alongside apple and a subtle smoky flavour.       

    • Xarel.lo d’Anyada 2014 – JúliaBernet – Penedès – xarel.lo

    A very dry wine with distant aromas of apple, apricot and grape.

    • Agaliu 2011- L’Olivera –Costers del Segre- macabeu

    A delicate, dry wine, fresh and smooth at the same time, with just the right touch of oak. Tones of fresh fruit, apple, melon, and also dried fruits. Aged six months in  American & French oak.

    • Blanc de Marges 2011 – L’Olivera – Costers del Segre – parellada, xarel.lo, malvasía

    A  dry, sophisticated organic wine. Delicate lemon, green apple and lingering honey tones with slightly savoury finish. Aged in Hungarian oak for 3 months.

    • Maria 2014 – Júlia Bernet– Penedès – xarel.lo, chardonnay

    A dry and delicate wine with layered flavours from citrus to light toasted tones. A clean and frank wine with a hint of aniseed. Aged six months in oak barrels.

    • Rosa la Guapa 2014 – Mas de la Caçadora – Montsant – Carnatxa blanca & moscatell

    Fresh, bright and subtle, with medium intensity. Flavours of ripe fruits and some citric notes, sea air, pear skin and lime blossom. The combination of garnatxa and moscatell d’Alexandria give this wine a distinctive flavour with an intense yellow colour.

    • Blanc dels Aspres 2013 –Vinya dels Aspres- Empordà – garnatxa blanca           

    Notes of very refreshing menthol to follow with fennel, fresh pineapple and lemon skin. Creamy, moderately citric and lively. Full-bodied with a clear ending.Oaked 16 months.

    • Missenyora 2013 -L’Olivera- Costers del Segre –macabeu

    A smooth, delicate, sophisticated dry wine with a slightly sweet ending. Missenyora (My Lady) is the name used by nuns to address the abbess. The grapes for this wine come from the patch that belonged to the abbey of Vallbona.

    • Eixaders 2013 – L’Olivera – Costers del Segre – chardonnay

    A complex, dry wine with exuberant flavours of ripe exotic fruit: banana & pineapple alongside light smoky tones. Very long finish with tropical fruit flavours. It’s been oaked for 6 months giving it a beautiful ripeness without overpowering oak tones.

    • Pd’a 2011 – Solergibert – Pla de Bages – picapoll

    From centenarian vines, this is a very complex wine. Floral with tones of bay leaf and peach, alongside apple with a subtle, smoky taste. A balanced and intense wine aged 4 months in  acacia barrel.

    • V89 – 2011 – L’Olivera – Costers del Segre– chardonnay

    An outstanding wine of great depth and character. Subtle yellow colour, with tropical fruit, green tea and toasted aromas, and a delicate flavour which gains in intensity and lingers long in the mouth.


    • Rosat Trepat 2015 – Portell – Conca de Barberà – trepat 

     Light strawberry colour, clean and shiny, intense on the nose with peach and strawberry notes. Easy and fresh with a balanced acidity. 

    • Rosat Macerat  2012– Júlia Bernet – Penedès– merlot & ull de llebre

    A sweet, persistent, cherry red rosé wine, very fresh and aromatic with hints of strawberries, blackberries and red fruits. A persistent and delicious taste. A small production of 2.000 bottles per year.


    • Carles Andreu Brut- Conca de Barberà – parellada & macabeu (18 months aging)

    Fruity on the nose with an intense aroma of apple. Dry with hints of fruit and good acidity

    • Ingenius Júlia Bernet Brut Nature – Penedès- xarel.lo, macabeu  & chardonnay   (24 months aging)

    Creamy and excellent in the mouth, with a fine bubble. Dry but floral with fruity undertones

    • Rosat Brut – Carles Andreu Conca de Barberà trepat (15 months aging)

    Elegant, intense rosé cava with aromas of red berries and a vivid cherry colour and fine necklace of bubbles

    • Reserva Brut Nature Carles Andreu – Conca de Barberà– macabeu, parellada & chardonnay  (18 months aging)
      Smooth, fresh, fruity and persistent with light and subtle woody undertones from the ageing process.
    • L’Olivera Brut Nature sparkling wine – Costers del Segre – macabeu, parellada & chardonnay  (30 months aging)

    Produced just outside the Cava DO region, delightfully balanced fruit and acidity. Exceptionally clean on the palate with fine bubbles. Made according organic principles, pending certification.

    • Cava Exsum Brut Nature Júlia Bernet –Penedès- xarel.lo & chardonnay– (36 months aging)

    Long lasting rich, toasted, dried fruit & almond taste. A complex and well balanced cava with very fine bubble. Triple prize winner in France in Effervescents du Monde competition.

    • Reserva Barrica Brut Nature Carles Andreu– Conca de Barberà – macabeu, parellada & chardonnay   (24 months aging)

    Very complex, smooth with good structure, dry but fruity wine with wood tonalities

    • Rosat Reserva Barrica Brut – Carles AndreuConca de Barberà  – trepat   (26 months aging)

    Exquisite light cherry colour, aromas of bread, cinnamon & honey and intense, complex fruity taste. A wine with a difference

    • R-130 Reserva Brut Nature Júlia Bernet – Penedès–  xarel.lo & chardonnay (48 months aging)

    Very complex and well structured cava, fermented for forty-eight months with ripe fruit notes & hints of almond flavours, toasted aromas and a very fine bubble.

    • L’Olivera Gran Reserva sparkling wine –  Costers del Segre – macabeu, parellada & chardonnay (36 months aging)

    Subtle layers of biscuit, bread, honey against a delicate citrus and baked apple background. Well structured and complex. A beautiful wine. Made according to organic principles, pending certification.


    • RasimVipansit 2012 –L’Olivera – Costers del Segre – naturally sweet white  – garnatxa, xarel.lo & malvasia

    Sunshine in a bottle.Complex aroma of tropical & citrus fruit with a hint of nuts. Intense, luscious flavours of lemons, apples and honey.

    • RasimVimadur2011 L’Olivera- Costers del Segre – naturally sweet red – garnatxa & monastrell

    A unique tasting experience. Intense dark red with a rich aroma of ripened berries. It is subtle on the palate with deep raisin and black fruit flavours. Quite simply stunning

    • Vi  de Panses 2006  –Vinyes dels Aspres – Empordà – naturally sweet garnatxa roja (grenache gris)

    With a light cherry colour, this wine has an ample aroma of almond flower, aniseed, toasted almond and walnut. On the mouth it has a creamy texture and subtle and refined sweetness. Long persistence.

    • Bac de les Ginesteres 2004–Vinyes dels Aspres – Empordà– naturally sweet  garnatxa roja (grenache gris) 

    Dark cherry colour. Generous and delicate aromas of orange blossom, peach, fresh butter, walnuts and aniseed. On the mouth, a touch of warm sweet potato and dried fruits. Extremely pleasant, creamy texture & refined sweetness. Once fermentation is finished this wine remains outdoors for 50 months in 20 litre glass bottles,  ageing and evolving in the sunshine  into this elegant and persistent wine.

    The four wines above are truly hand crafted. Only the best grapes are selected and picked by hand and  laid out to ripen  on a bed of straw in the shade for two months, after which  pressing and fermentation occur. An intricate process that requires an exact balance of acidity, sugar and alcohol.