Behind every dish …

One of the most satisfying elements to owning and running a restaurant is the genuine feedback people give you. It’s really gratifying to hear that customers appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of La Cuina and enjoy our honest approach to food and wine. People often ask me how I came to open La Cuina ….

I’ve always loved food and been involved in it. I come from a Catalan farming community and therefore I’ve experienced from a very young age the efforts that go behind the food production and the humble economies that sustain it. And that is why I believe in this sustainability at the very heart of this industry, the love of the land, the love of a way of life and the respect of the nature that nurtures. An awareness of where things come from, of the efforts of others, and ultimately of the quality we have on our tables.

My main aim, after being surrounded by these beautiful goods is to transport their flavour onto the tables, and that sometimes means the delicate effort of the minimum intervention. The less sophistication, the more intensity.

Food is also a lubricant for social contact and enjoyable gatherings. And I will confess that very often, at home with my children I’ve sacrificed much effort in table manners in order to ease interaction and encourage these precious moments at the end of the day when we are all around the table to share our daily experiences, and the food and relaxed ambience is conducive to talk, discussion and interaction. And this is the way I’ve always wanted my business to be, an enjoyable, relaxed place where we appreciate the riches of our earth, and enjoy the warmth of our friends and families.

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