Cava – you’ll get exactly what you pay for

We love Cava   Naturally we love Cava and we are proud of it. Cava is an integral part of Catalan wine culture as well as being synonymous with friendship and family; there will always be a bottle of Cava on a Catalan dinner table! La Cuina is lucky to have access to some of Catalunya’s

We’re back … and we have news!

We are back in the kitchen after a very enjoyable summer break. Every year we look forward to going home to Catalunya, catching up with family and friends over long lunches, enjoying the long hot days and visiting our suppliers. We’re lucky to work with such great people, people who always strive to create quality

St Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine or the Feast of Saint Valentine – named as such to honour Saint Valentinus, who, whilst imprisoned, cured the jailer’s daughter leaving her a letter of love signed your Valentine before his execution. Celebrate St Valentine’s day with an intimate dinner at La Cuina. Spoil your loved one with authentic Catalan food and our very popular

Cava – a very versatile wine

As you probably know we are huge fans of quality Cava, we work directly with artisan producers and bring their delicious wines to La Cuina. With Christmas fast approaching we are looking forward to celebrating with Cava. There is something really special about Cava, it’s more of an experience than simply a drink. It brings

Dessert wine – the most underrated wines

With Christmas just around the corner we are thinking about wine as well as food! In Catalunya a lot of time is spent around the table over the festive period, long lunches with great conversation among family and friends. The wines are as important as the food. When we’ve warmed up with Cava then enjoyed some great

Torrons – an old and delicious Catalan tradition

With Christmas just around the corner we are thinking about our Catalan traditions, and of course what we will eat and drink during the festive period. One of the oldest traditions comes from the village of Agramunt, 1.5 hours west of Barcelona, near to the Serra del Bellmunt, a wild mountainous rural region. Agramunt is

La Cuina turns 4!

4 years ago we opened our doors to bring a taste of Catalunya to Cardiff. We hoped that our passion for our native land would shine through in every dish and every wine; finally a dream had come to fruition. An incredible amount of work goes in to sourcing and importing our craft wine and food products, however it’s

Laia chooses Ingenius

Laia tells me this week’s selection was easy, a firm La Cuina favourite! Ingenius, made by micro winery Julia Bernet in the Penedes region of Catalunya.   I love this Cava, it’s clean, crisp, dry, fruity and really easy to drink. I also like it because it has nothing added to it, no sulphites, no

Laia chooses Carles Andreu Barrica

Summer in Catalunya is a lot about Cava! It’s so refreshing when the temperatures are high. It unites people in the evenings, friends meet in an air conditioned bar to share a bottle of Cava and relax after a day at the office. This week Laia has chosen Carles Andreu Barrica for you to taste