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Laia chooses Ingenius

Laia tells me this week’s selection was easy, a firm La Cuina favourite! Ingenius, made by micro winery Julia Bernet in the Penedes region of Catalunya.   I love this Cava, it’s clean, crisp, dry, fruity and really easy to drink. I also like it because it has nothing added to it, no sulphites, no

Laia chooses Carles Andreu Barrica

Summer in Catalunya is a lot about Cava! It’s so refreshing when the temperatures are high. It unites people in the evenings, friends meet in an air conditioned bar to share a bottle of Cava and relax after a day at the office. This week Laia has chosen Carles Andreu Barrica for you to taste

Laia chooses Olivera Brut Nature

This week has been a very joyous one at La Cuina, we’ve been hosting wedding celebrations. The pop of a great Cava sealed the couple’s future! Laia chooses L’Olivera Reserva Brut Nature. This Cava brought happiness this week to our guests on such a special occasion. For me this Cava brings hope, equality and a

Laia chooses Carles Andreu Rosat!

I think Laia is missing the Catalan summer weather, this week she chooses Carles Andreu Rosat. A pink Cava from the talented producer Carles Andreu based in the wine region Conca de Barbera (province of Tarragona). Why did she choose it? There’s something very summer about a rose Cava, and I’m missing summer! This dry Reserva

Laia chooses … Exsum!

Throughout the summer Laia, our Catalan team member, will be choosing her favourite Cavas. Each week you’ll be able to taste her selection by the glass! In Catalunya there’s nothing nicer than dropping into the local wine bar for a glass of Cava after a day at the office. This week Laia chooses Exsum. Why?

Cava – find your style

Cava, not only is it incredibly versatile, it can be enjoyed alone or with a wide range of dishes, it is thoroughly pleasurable. Cava is very much a part of Catalan culture, its heritage dates back to 1872 when the first bottle was made. Josep Raventos returned from the Champagne region of France and asked himself

Kitchen Perfume

The people who enrich La Cuina are our producers. They are at the very heart of everything we do and everything we make, from serving a glass of wine to creating a selection of Tapas. Their presence is felt among our customers and La Cuina team. We import as much as we can from Catalunya supporting

Rosa la Guapa – Micro Wine

My love of food stems from time around the Catalan family table.  All the ingredients were local, everything was fresh and our dishes had an intensity that was both honest and comforting. Wine was no different, we drank from local cellars, their wines had personality and authenticity treating the palate in every sip. When I

Sant Jordi

On the 23rd of April something special takes place in Catalunya, we celebrate our patron saint, Sant Jordi! We “live” Sant Jordi, at home, at work, in the streets. There’s a romantic and festive atmosphere everywhere. The town buildings are adorned with the Catalan flag, the town square or the ‘rambla’ comes alive, buzzing with

Behind every dish …

One of the most satisfying elements to owning and running a restaurant is the genuine feedback people give you. It’s really gratifying to hear that customers appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of La Cuina and enjoy our honest approach to food and wine. People often ask me how I came to open La Cuina …. I’ve