Our Wine

Our wines are as close to our heart as our food. We have a unique collection sourced directly at cellar door from friends of La Cuina, all of them Catalan micro producers. They are people who are proud of their ancestry, their land and the essence of that land they capture in their wines.

In a world where processed food and bland mass produced wines are the norm we specifically choose to support those who strive for quality wines, with minimal chemical intervention, depth and a story to tell. It’s a privilege to work with these ethical businesses and bring their unique wines to Cardiff.

Catalunya has a rich wine offering producing wines that capture the terrior from the complex elegant reds of Priorat, where Grenache and Carignan grapes dominate, to the delicate Mediterranean whites and the Conca de Barbera region where the iconic Trepat grape can be found.

Cava is the jewel in the Catalan crown, this emblematic, joyful, sparkling wine is deeply embedded in Catalan culture. Our Cava producers are talented and their wines elegant, delicate, complex and versatile. We import a variety of young Cavas as well as Reservas and Gran Reservas.

We also support one of Catalunya’s most admired artisan spirit producers, their Gin and Brandy just has to be tasted!

We hope you will enjoy their wines as much as we do and remember that with every sip you are helping small producers survive in a ruthless market where quantity and price rule over ethics and quality.